Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who has a new album out? EVE has a new album out!

Ok, it's just an EP, but still. EVE is back again! I hope they put out a video for this one! The album is called Gloria, and contains 4 tracks:
1) Gloria
2) Stay Alive
3) Don't Say Goodbye (2010 Vers.)
4) Butterfly City

 It's nice to have them back after such a long break/break-up/trip to military duty (?)!

Free preview! :D (go look for the album, srsly, it's readily available) 
Man, Kim Young's vocals are just as on-point as always. *jams out to Gloria*

E-DSG(2010) by K-RoKer


  1. Whoa! Had no idea EVE was back in business. I'm not catching the edginess in this song that I like from their older releases, but I still look forward to more from them!

  2. They are making music again, you're right, it's not quite as edgy as they used to be. Maybe Kim Young wants to evolve the band into something a bit different. I still love their sound, but I do miss the harder sound they used to have as well.


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