Monday, November 22, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: Guyz - Faraway

Good evening good K-RoKers. Are we ready to jam? I thought so.

Tonight I have for you Guyz. A quartet that debuted in 2005. Their first single was Crazy and contained 4 songs. They moved on to release their first full album in 2006 with "Diary." They proceeded to release a series of singles until their sophomore album Like a Movie in 2008. Last year we were blessed with an EP and a single too. Their single this year "New Stage" garnered some attention here amongst some of the K-Pop fans, as they performed on MNET Rookies alongside some of the idols. They're also reaching out into the Japanese market, having release New Stage in Japanese as well. They also sang one of the Korean theme songs for Bleach. I think they're a little more mainstream than some of the other bands I've featured, but I just love them. Especially the bassist Ki-Hyeon. He's too cute!

Without further ado, here is (are?) Guyz with Faraway (Track 9 off their first album: Diary)

G - F by K-RoKer

 They've kind of floated under the radar, but the awesome folk over at KoME got them to do a short intro of themselves. (Watch how cute Ki-Hyeon is! OMG!)

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