Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random Tidbit

I was browsing the internet this evening and came across this little gem on 9GAG:

I don't really recognize the bands (I'm not super into hard core metal) but the fact that K-Rock made it to such a mainstream website got me excited. And, yes, I salute them too.

3 Artists One Song Release : #PeepShow

The 3 Artists One Song track has been released, and it's glorious. I couldn't have asked for a better song. I got goosebumps listening to the track. Yuna and Idiotape composed a wonderfully unique song, combined with her voice and Flow's lyrics the track was exceptionally exciting. But don't let me just blabber on, have a listen for yourselves.

It would be amazing if they put something out together again, but I'm afraid that this is a once in a lifetime song, so I'm just going to take it, and enjoy it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

MV: Idiotape - Wasted

I love Idiotape. And I was excited to see they had a new video out last night!

It's doubles as a promotional video for Fred Perry Korea, which you can see in his shoes, lol. But I notice shoes ANYWAY so I didn't feel like I was just watching a creative commercial.

The director of the video is Jo Beom-Jin, and stars Kang Tae-Won.

Whatcha think? :)

Soundholic Treasure!

I was browsing through YesAsia tonight, and saw out of the corner of my eye a mention of "Indie." I always notice when rock or indie is mentioned so I decided to click on the link. Come to find out, Soundholic has a feature right now. If you buy an album from any of their artists you get a free Soundholic 2011 line-up sampler!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

YAM Review: YB - Blue Whale

In case you don't follow me there, I also write for YAM. And I just did a review of  YB's latest EP - Blue Whale, go check it out and leave a comment or two. Then stick around and see what everyone else at YAM is up to! ^_^

I'm working on lots of stuff right now, so hopefully this will tide people over tell I can get it all written up and posted. ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Artists (I LOVE) One Song Campaign: Korea

Let's try this again. (Since blogger ate this article last time) It's time to start writing here again, and what better way to start off than with exciting news?! Three great artists are coming together on one song. Idiotape, Aziatix and Jaurim are set to collaborate on a project for Converse's “Three Artists. One Song.” campaign.

What I've been up to:

I try to keep this blog not so personal, but it's been so long that I feel it requires an explanation.