Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SXSW Round 2!

Not only is it Round 2 of announcements for SXSW today, but also, my second time attending. I'm very excited to be going again to cover all of the excellent bands that they've selected. I was already pretty excited, but an addition to the list today pushed me into another level of excitement.

Here's the full list:

Released in the first round of announced artists was:

The Barberettes:

Big Phony:

Eastern Sidekick:


No Brain


And in round two was:

Asian Chairshot


HEO_Luna from NIGHTSHIFT on Vimeo.

Victim Mentality:


There are still more SXSW artists to be announced, and of course, the K-Pop Night Out headliner is still the last to be announced. I suspect it's who I saw in the pictures at MU:CON this year, but I'll wait and see before I make any rumors start.  I'm of course, excited to see YB, but there are a few names on this list that are on regular rotation on my iPod that I'm exceptionally excited to see. Asian Chairshot and Eastern Sidekick are both excellent acts and I'm beyond happy they're going to get the SXSW stage to display their talents!  Stay tuned next month for Round 3 of artists, and in the meantime, get familiar with this amazingly talented group of people!

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