Monday, November 29, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: Kim Sa Rang - Snob

Someone asked me if I knew about Kim Sa Rang (김사랑 )the other day, and I had to shuffle back through my collection to pick out a favorite. So to be honest and warn you, I probably will throw a few songs in here. He is such a diverse musician that it was hard to pick a song, especially since the song that interested them was a slower ballad. Yes, he does ballads amazingly well, and to be perfectly honest, when he sings them, he reminds me very much of Yoon Do-Hyun. Which, is why they sing such great harmony in their duet on Yoon Do-Hyun's Love Letter back in the day:

This was the song that caught someones' interest.  Yes. He does lovely ballads, but the man can rock too! He debuted in 1999, with the album titled I Am 18 Years Old. It was such a solid album, ranging from hard core rock, to soft ballads, even a little rap/r&b/hip-hop feel to a couple songs. For whatever reason, he decided to take a few years off away from the music business, not to release an album until 2001 with Nanotime. Another great album. In fact, his entire discography is mind blowing, considering he does all of the composition on his own. I picked Snob as the song of the day, because it displays his talent in rocking out, as well as his powerful voice. I'm going to maybe throw you for a loop, by not using Sound Cloud, but my minutes are running low, and since this song is conveniently available on YT I'm gonna use it:

I also love the rock ballad 괜찮아 (Kwenchana-Ok) off of his third album, U-Turn. And A+ from Behind the Melody is a pretty amazing track as well, I like that he mixed in a little Indian instrument flavor.

KSR-A+ by K-RoKer
In short, it's too hard to pin-point him and just pick ONE song. You need to get his entire discography, because it is just too good to miss out on.


  1. THAK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST!! He's really amazing :D and his voice's just soooo great +_+

  2. Normally, I hate ballads. I thought this was quite enjoyable though!

  3. @Rachira You're welcome. He really is quite amazing, thanks for the suggestion!

    @Elizabeth I think he switches things up enough that his ballads don't get boring, and on the albums they are a nice mini break from all the AWESOME rocking!


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