Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm so HYPED!

I know I have little chance of seeing this in theaters, as I'm sure it won't reach even independent theaters here in the United States, but I have high hopes that it will release on DVD eventually. (Hopefully with subtitles) For those of you who didn't know, YB is releasing a documentary on December 1st. The film is centered on their VANS Warped Tour stint from last year. (If I had known in time/had the money I would have gone. Now, I'm kicking myself and crying for not being able to see them live.) I'm really happy they decided to do this and are working towards putting Korean rock into the spotlight where it belongs. I just hope enough people go see it. I'll be interested to know the sales numbers. Here are the teaser trailers so far:

When the one above released, I hadn't heard anything about it before and I squeeled like a little girl and danced around and cried. Hahaha. I'm such a YB nerd!

Number 2: (Main)

Full Flying Butterfly song version. (I love that they mixed the Korean and English lyrics in this version)

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