Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bonus song of the day!

Since it's officially the 1 week anniversary of this blog, and I know metal isn't everyones cup of tea, I thought I'd throw another one out at you that I was really enjoying at work today. It's hard to categorize Super Kidd. They're a rock band, but they have a rapper/mc. They play to clubs, but are also featured on music shows. Sometimes they sound hip-hop, sometimes like hard core rockers and in the case of this track - very FUNKY. I LOVE their versatility. Of course, if you pay attention to my favorites, you'll find that's true about most of the bands I really enjoy - they know how to mix things up.

LOL - they're such dorks. But, I love them for it. :)

Here is Super Kidd singing: Dance With Rock:

SK - DwR by K-RoKer

There's a not-so-good quality video of them performing this live here:

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