Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Korean Music Awards Best Rock Song Nominees

Of course, you didn't actually think I would leave out the rock category did you?

Galaxy Express - 진짜 너를 원해 (Really Want You)

Looks familiar...

Gateflowers - Reserves

It's not on YouTube and I don't have the album. :( Here is another of their songs, F.M. :

Super Session - Start Again

It's hard to find their stuff. I have a live video of one of their songs:

Yellow Monsters - Destruction

I'm SO happy these guys were nominated. I also think it's awesome that Jae-Hyuck's favorite song off the album was nominated for Best Rock Song. :D

Crash - Crashday

Can't forget the comeback of thrash metal band Crash! RAWWWWWR!!!!!!!!

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  1. honestly, i adored the first song and Yellow Monsters. And Crash's was just.... so much epic win i can't even~! i just want to sit here and watch them all day lol! thanks for sharing!


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