Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Korean Music Awards Best Hip-Hop Song Nominees


Garion - 영순위(feat. 넋업샨) (Live version)

Swings - 500Bombs
Ok, so Swings brought the epic to rap with this one because it's just under TWENTY FIVE MINUTES LONG. Check out the two part vid/link:

The Quiett - Be My Luv

San-E - 인터뷰(Interview)

Mild Beats & Chaboom - Anshan (feat. Sol)

Pinodyne - Nightingale Film (feat. Soulman)


  1. I'm pulling for The Quiett here. Though San-E sounds good, but the English turned me off. It's the whole "Yes, I am" business. LOL

    Though to be perfectly honest, in order to fully appreciate Hip Hop and Rap as genres, one must understand the language... in that case, I have a feeling I'd give my vote to Pinodyne - have a feeling it's one of those songs with lyrics. LOL

    You know, kinda like Eminem's Mockingbird, that you just hear it and think "meh" but then learn that it's a song for his daughter, and all of a sudden it's a whole different song?

  2. what can i say? i'm so lost in all the greatness right here that i can't even say who i'd vote for! i love hip hop to pieces, and i loved all these songs. well- except San-E, but lets just say i loved them all. a lot. haha~ man, i was totally up on garion's! and i really loved the different sound presented by pinodyne~


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