Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Korean Music Awards Nominations

I'm bumbling through the Korean website for the Korean Music Awards and trying to translate the nominations myself because the media here are only promoting the K-Pop nominees and I am excited by the other nominees on the list. EDIT: Whoops, missed a couple categories. Adding now! 

From what I can make out in the Best Rock Album category I see:
Galaxy Express - Wild Days
Art of Parties - Ophelia
Yellow Monsters - Yellow Monsters
Crash- The Paragon of Animals
엄인호,최이철,주찬권 - Super Session

Best Modern Rock Album:

Nine and The Numbers (9와 숫자들 )- Nine and The Numbers
Broccoli, You too - Graduation
The Koxx - Enter
Cosmos - Hanei Sky
TV Yellow - Strange Ears

Best Pop Album:

Kim Yoon-Ah - 315360
No Reply - Dream
Lucid Fall - Les Miserables
Epitone Project - A House (Lost & Storage)
Cho Kyu-Chan - Volume 9

Best Dance & Electronic Album:

2NE1 - To Anyone
Demicat - Tomorrow Sucks
Group Star (모임 별)- Pacific
Kafka - The Most Beautiful Thing
Casker - Tender
House Rulez - Magic Television

Best Hip-Hop Album:

Garion - Garion 2
The Quiett - Quiet Storm: A Night Record
Mild Beats & Chaboom - Still Ill
Jazzy Ivy - Illvibrative Motif
Pento - Microsuit

Best R&B/Soul Album:

Deez - Get Real
Boni - Nu One
Brown Eyed Soul - Brown Eyed Soul
Jinbo - Afterwork
Taeyang - Solar

Best Soundtrack:
Unfair Trade (Movie OST)
Bravo! Jazz Life (Movie OST)
I Saw The Devil (Movie OST)
Fair Love (Movie OST)
The Housemaid (Movie OST)

Best Jazz  (Alternative) Album:

Youn Sun-Nah - My Favorite Things
Malo - Camelia Lady
Winterplay - Touche Mon Amour
Yipangeun Project - A Rhapsody In Cold Age
Heoduk (허대욱)- Trigram

Best Jazz (Crossover) Album:
Kim Kwang-Seok - Playing Above the Clouds
Nubim - Between Silence & Light
La Ventana - Nostalgia & The Delicate Woman
Special Performance (바람곶)- Special Performance
Jung Min - Blur

Best Performance Album (?)
La Ventana - Nostalgia & The Delicate Woman
Special Performance (바람곶)- Special Performance
Seo Young-Do Electronic Ensemble - Random Line
Yipangeun Project - A Rhapsody In Cold Age
Heoduk (허대욱)- Trigram

Now into the Song category.

Best Rock Song:

Galaxy Express - Really Want You
Gateflower - Reserves
Super Session - Start Again
Yellow Monsters - Destruction (YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!)
Crash - Crashday

Best Modern Rock Song:

Nine and The Numbers (9와 숫자들 ) - Tell Me
Hot Potato - Confession
Broccoli, You Too - Love Does Not Make Up Words Too (사랑한다는 말로도 위로가 되지 않는)
Broccoli, You Too - Graduation
Cosmos - Hanei Sky

Best Pop Song:

10CM - Tonight I'm Afraid of the Dark
No Reply - I Hope
Verandah Project - Bike Riding
Dalmoon - 하드코어 인생아
Earip - Our Streets Have No Name

Best Dance & Electronic Song:

2NE1 - Can't Nobody
Sultan Of The Disco - Sunday Night Fever
F(x) - Nu ABO
Kafka - Silence
miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl

Best Hip-Hop Song:

Garion - 영순위(feat. 넋업샨)
Swings - 500 Bombs
The Quiett - Be My Luv
San-E - 인터뷰(Interview)
Mild Beats & Chaboom - Anshan (feat. Sol)
Pinodyne - Nightingale Film (feat. Soulman)

Best R&B/Soul Song:

Deez - Sugar
Boni - I Send You
Brown Eyed Soul - Never Forget
Progress - U R
Taeyang - I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon)

Album of the Year:
9 And the Numbers - 9 And the Numbers

Garion - Garion 2
Youn Sun-Ah - Same Girl
Broccoli, You Too? - 졸업
Jinbo - Afterwork
Crash - The Paragon of Animals

Song of the Year:
9 And the Numbers - 말해주세요 (Tell Me)
Garion - 영순위 (feat. Nuck)
Hot Potato - Confession 
Broccoli, You Too? - Graduation
miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl

Musician of the Year: 
Galaxy Express
Youn Sun-AH
Broccoli, You Too?
Choi Yi Chul, Ohm In Ho, Ju Chan Kweun (Super Session)

Rookie of the Year:
The Koxx
TV Yellow

(thanks for the last couple categories helikoppter)
OMO. I hope people appreciate this. It took forever with my crappy Korean skills. :/


  1. Best Korean music site, EVER.

    Couple of fixes...

    In the OST category - Maid, might actually be the film The Housemaid.

    Performance Album, might be Live Album?

    Other than that, this is a good list to start discovering Korean music, since... I dunno anyone except for Taeyang, 2NE1... Yellow Monsters... and now 10CM xD

  2. I changed it to The Housemaid. Performance album...I'm not sure. It might be instrumental, because I have the La Ventana album and it's mostly piano and instrumentals, but definitely not a live album. And can I say, the one song with vocals the Korean singer can sure pronounce her Spanish clearly!


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