Thursday, February 17, 2011

Indie Spotlight:

A friend of mine recently turned me on to a group of friends who make videos in their own little studio. They make cover videos and some original songs too. The music is very folksy and simple, but they all have clear voices that please my tired ears after too much K-Pop. And as I was getting ready to write this, one of the members released a single and a music video . There isn't a whole lot of information about them in general, but I like their music videos a lot.

leeSA just released her first full MV Blackout

Sweet duo J Rabbit released a single back in November. I like this video of them doing Love Songs

But, my favorite of the bunch is Yana. I can't get enough of watching this video of her covering missA's Good Girl, Bad Girl :

She's also a cute DJ:

I suggest you peruse the video playlist over on their YouTube channel.

Of course, they're also available on the official site

And they're on twitter. Follow them: @friendznet (you'll probably get a follow-back too)


  1. oooh!! You made a post ofr it ^___^

    Her single has 3 songs .. one if Bicycle boy, the next is the one for that vid and the third I seem to have forgotten the name xD

    They're too awesome, LeeSA's voice is beautiful, J Rabbit is one heck of a talented women seriously ... the one woman band I say! lol and Yana is just way too adorable hehehe

  2. I Love these guys, J. Rabbit is my favourite out of them all, i was just wandering if anyone knows any more information about them?

    1. I'm a huge fan of them as well! Here's a mini interview I found when I googled them: Hopefully it helps!


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