Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonder-Girl Wednesdays: Story Seller

If you read this blog with any consistency, you will know of my love for Story Seller, an all female rock band that rocks as hard as the guys do.

(They actually manage to make Doc Martens seem kinda cool)

Debuting in 2005 as Bloody Cookie, this four-member rock band has slowly established a following in the indie and underground circuit in Seoul. They started out with a really hard and edgy sound mixed with a fusion of punk, grunge and just something that's their own style. After their first two self-released mini EP's, Immature Flower and A Curer  they changed their name to Story Seller. Their name isn't the only thing that's chanegd over the years though. While their 3rd album, My Dear (their first under the moniker Story Seller) kept some of their unique mix of rock from the first two EP's they started to gain a bit more of a pop-rock sound to them. The latest album Super Girls is very pop-y. Not that I mind it, because I started off in pop music and I enjoy pop-rock, but I miss their old days of being a little bit harder and more unique. But, they are, of course, still the best all-girl band in Korea.

The lead vocalist Binna is a lovely person with amazingly strong vocals.

The drummer, Jihae is just adorable and, of course, very talented.

Lead guitarist, Noji. 

Rounding things out on bass, is Pumpkin (Hobak).

There is little footage online from their Bloody Cookie days, but here is Monster from their first EP Immature Flower

Last year's mini produced two videos. One for Super Girl, directed by Charlie Ahn:

[MV] Story Seller - Super Girl (11th. May 2010) from Griffin Pictures on Vimeo.

And it also spawned on of the dozen's of South Korean fight songs during the  World Cup last summer. Here is Ole featuring Love Cubic:

Show the girls some love:
Official website:  Story Seller
Bands Twitter: @bandstoryseller
Binna's twitter: @Storysellervo
Myspace: Here :)


  1. i just loved them as bloody cookie. shame they changed their style

  2. are they still active? have they broken up? it's hard to find information on them :/


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