Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Tip: Soribada

A new (legal) download site has opened up to fans outside of Korea looking to actually help support the artists. They have more than just K-Pop too.
It's called Soribada and they've got a great selection of Korean music. Rock, Indie, Hip-Hop, pretty much everything. They've got bands I've hunted high and low for, and even one's I haven't yet heard of. I'm very excited. They have two plans that are monthly payment plans, one for 5.99 a month that gets you 40 downloads, or the 9.99 a month that gets you 120 songs. I, obviously, signed up for the later. Now a beginners tip, they give you 10 FREE downloads just as a trial. You don't have to sign up for the payment plan just to get these free songs. So, if you want, sign up, get 10 free songs and bail. OR sign up, get your ten free songs FIRST, then pick the payment plan and make your first payment. Or else you get stuck waiting a week before you're allowed to download anything else like I did. Whoops. Check out the site HERE for even more information and to check out what music is on there. I love that you can preview songs on there just like iTunes because it lets you figure out if you're adventurous enough to download the album or not. The greatest thing? The sales all count towards the Korean music charts, so you're helping the bands out that way too! I'm pretty excited!

Oh! They're also on twitter: @soribada follow them - give them some love!

p.s. I e-mailed them about the song quality (It's only at 192 kbps, which is fine for me since I'm mostly doing reviews of the stuff) and they're working on getting to 320 kbps soon.

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  1. i've used soribada before [as in, before they revamped and made this new english side, which is awesome] and i have to agree- it's amazing. it's wonderful. and right now, i am VERY happy xD i wouldn't have known they revamped the foreign side to it if I hadn't seen your post! thanks for the tip kamala-chan! mad excited for this, i've found a bunch of awesome artists that i've never heard of before b/c of soribada. namely Naomi & Goro, and even a few CCM groups that i liked o__O ccm... who would've guessed...


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