Tuesday, February 15, 2011

K-RoK Song of the Day: Art of Parties - Die Out

Kim Bada's newest creation Art of Parties, has released their latest EP Seitrap to Tra.

If you don't know who Kim Bada is, then you must be new to Korean rock. Kim Bada is a prominent figure in K-Rock, having been in several bands, trying new styles with each one. I especially enjoyed The Ratios album Burning Telepathy you can probably expect a song of the day out of that one soon. His other previous bands include Butterfly Effect and Sinawe. With Art of Parties he's gone with a harder, garage band sound. Together with Kim Joo-Young on drums, and Park Joo-Young on guitar they create a great team and have a great sound I love listening to.

Official Site: Art of Parties
Twitter: @AOP33

They're also up for Korean Music Awards Remember?

Korean Music Award Nominations 2011

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  1. Their official site link is broken. Why don't these guys have a facebook or myspace page? And where can I find their cd?


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