Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wonder-Girl Wednesdays: Spicy Soda

I'm starting a new thing, Wednesdays I'm going to start exclusively posting songs from bands that feature awesome women.

Today, I'm starting with a new find of mine Spicy Soda. They formed back in 2007 and released their debut single Spicy Soda the same year. I love their unique flavor (haha) of rock. It's a great mix of  pop-rock, punk, a little old 50's sounding rock, and something that sounds an awful lot like rockabilly. They released a second EP in 2008 titled My Love, which is where the single featured in this post is from.

The band consists of:
Shin Hwee-Jeong - Vocals
Kwon Sun-Ho - Bass Guitar
Kim Dong - Keyboard
Kim Min-Su - Drums

Visit them on their official Daum site here: Spicy Soda

Spicy Soda - My Love

SPICY SODA - MY LOVE from BY Lee on Vimeo.

I was kind of worried they had disbanded, but I'm glad there are new pictures of them recording (or at least practicing) on their site:


  1. I LOVE Spicy Soda! Thanks for featuring them. ^_^

  2. Very nice initiative! Will be looking forward to future posts ^^

  3. @AnnMarie - Thanks for commenting. I love them too, I think they're very fun and creative!

    @helikoppter - I'm glad you approve. I think the women of underground Korean music deserve more love.

  4. im sorry

    can you make lyric spicy soda - my love


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