K-RoK on twitter

I have a giant list of awesome Korean rockers on twitter. I will be constantly editing this page. :) UGH K-Rock is taking over my twitter account! There are SO MANY of them on there!
For starters:
Yoon Do-Hyun(YB) @ybrocks (Main vocals)
Park Tae-Hee (YB) @7BrightStar (Bassist)
Kim Jin-Won (YB) @tandakim (Drummer)
Alas, the guitarist is not on twitter. :(
Bada Kim (Art of Parties) @Bada1007
Devin Lee (Dr. Core 911) @Devin_Lee
Kio Choi (EVE) @fuzzpuzz (Guitarist)
Lee Yong-Won (GumX, Yellow Monsters) @LEEYONGWON (Vocals & Guitar)
Han Jin-Young (My Aunt Mary, Yellow Monsters) @NAWA0606 (Vocals & Bass)
Choi Jae-Hyuk ( Deli Spice, OMEGA3, Yellow Monsters, @yellmon (Drums & vocals)
Binna (Story Seller) @Storysellervo (Vocals)
Hak Yi-Jeong (Vanilla Unity & 14LeFT) @redgum45 (Guitarist)
Lee Hyuck (Wiretap In My Ear/Prana) @prana3828 (Vocals)
TaCopy (the whole band) @tacopymind
Pia (the whole band) @BANDPIA
Yang Hye-Seung (Pia & Party Duo, OAII&OAII) @piaYANGhyeseung (Drummer)
ATOMSIMZ (Pia, OAII&OAII) @ATOMSIMZ (I *believe* it's the keyboardist)
Bumki (Pia) @kibumi61 (Bassist)
Story Seller (the whole band) @bandstoryseller
Bang Joo-Won (Copymachine) @joowonbang (Bassist)
Park Yoon-Sik (Crying Nut) @tobada5 (Vocals & Guitar)
Yohei H (uh...Kim Chang Wan Band) @ighopper_Yohei (THINK he's the guitarist but he's so random)
Jung Min-Jun (No Brain) @vovo_jung (He's listed as "other" I think he's a guitarist tho)
Lee Jong-Hyun (Galaxy Express) @galaxyJONGHYUN (Vocals & Guitar)
Choi Kio (EVE) @fuzzpuzz (That's my fav. twitter handle) (Guitarist)
Bada Kim (solo) @bada1007 (Vocals)
Zakky Kim (LIQUID) @zakkykim (Guitarist)
Steve Choi (RXB) @rxhoi (Guitarist)
Devin Lee (Dr. Core 911) @Devin_Lee (Guitarist)
Son Sand-Hyeok aka: SonStar  (Cherry Filter) @iamsonstar (Rap & Drums)
Sugar Donut! (The whole band) @bandsugardonut