Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Korean Music Awards 2014 - Nominees Part 1

It's award season again - and not just here in the United States. It's actually time for MY favorite award ceremony of the year the Korean Music Awards! Why do I like them so much? Well, for one, it's Korean music, but the main reason is because the Korean Music Awards are handed out based on a panel of industry judges NOT based on fan votes or popularity. Plus, a lot of my favorite Korean bands make the list too, and I love seeing them recognized. But anyway, on to the nominees!

Album of the Year: 

Youn Sun-Ah:  Lento
Sunwoo - Jung-A:  It's Okay, Dear
Yoon Young-Bae: 위험한 세계(Dangerous Wold)
Yi Sung-Yol: V
Jang Pil-Soon: Soony Seven

Song of the Year: 

EXO - Growl
Yoon Young-Bae: 위험한 세계(Dangerous Wold)
Jang Pil-Soon: 맴맴 (Maem, Maem)
Cho Yong-Pil: Bounce
Crayon Pop: 빠빠빠(Bar Bar Bar)

Artist of the Year:

Yellow Monsters 
Youn Sun-Ah
Sunwoo Jung-A
Yi Sung-Yol
Jang Pil-Soon
Cho Yong-Pil

Rookie of the Year:


Zion T.
Lim Kim
Oki Kim
Rock 'N Roll Radio

Best Rock Album

Yellow Monsters: Red Flag
Kim Tae-Chun: 가축병원블루스 (Animal Hospital Blues)
Vassline: Black Silence
Third Stone: Psychemoon
Kim Dae Joong: 씨 없는 수박 (Seedless Watermelon)
Asian Chairshot: 탈 (Mask)

Best Rock Song

Yellow Monsters - Red Flag
곱창전골(Gopchang Jeongol) - 그 날은 올거야 (That Day Is Coming)
Kim Jin X Ha HeonJin - 몸뚱이 블루스 (Body Blues)
Kim Dae Joong: 씨 없는 수박 (Seedless Watermelon) Pt. 1 & 2
Asian Chairshot: 소녀 (Girl)

Best Modern Rock Album

Rock 'N Roll Radio: Shut Up & Dance
Vidulgi Ooyoo: Officially Pronounced Alive
Yoon Young-Bae: 위험한 세계 (Dangerous World)
Yi Sung-Yol: V
Jaurim: Goodbye, Grief
Jang Pil-Soon: Soony Seven

Best Modern Rock Song

Rock 'N Roll Radio: Shut Up & Dance
Yoon Young-Bae: 위험한 세계 (Dangerous World)
Yoon Young-Bae: 자본주의 (Capitalism)
Yi Sung-Yol: Minotaur
Jaurim: 스물다섯, 스물하나(Twenty Five, Twenty One)

The list got a bit long, I'll continue the nominees in part two tomorrow! 

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