Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Korean Music Awards 2014: Nominees Part 2

Continuing yesterday's post, here are the rest of the 2014 Korean Music Award nominees.

Best Pop Album

Fromm: Arrival
Kim Mok-In: 한 다발의 시선 (A Bunch of Eyes)
Lim Kim: Goodbye 20
Sunwoo Jung-A: It's Okay, Dear
Cho Yong-Pil: Hello
Han Hee-Jung: 날마다 타인(Another Day)

Best Pop Song

Kang Asol: 엄마 (Ma)
Lim Kim: Voice
Lee Juck: 거짓말 거짓말 거짓말 (Lie, Lie, Lie)
Jang Pil-Soon: 맴맴 (Maem, Maem)
Cho Yong Pil: Bounce

Best Dance & Electronic Album

f(x): Pink Tape
Glen Check: Youth!
SHINee: The Misconceptions of Us
Sultan Of The Disco: The Golden Age

Best Dance & Electronic Song

EXO: Growl
f(x): Rum Pum Pum Pum
Glen Check: Pacific
G-Dragon: Crooked
Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar
4Minute: What's Your Name?

Best Rap & Hip-Hop Album

Molotov: Molotov Cocktail
Paloalto: Chief Life
PSNB: Fractice
Vismajor: Run VMC
P-Type: Rap

Best Rap & Hip-Hop Song

JJK: 360도
PNSB: Trampoline (방방) (Bouncers) (feat. YoungCook)
Gaeko: Rhythm Is Life
Bullhandang Crew: 불한당가
Swings: No Mercy

Best R&B / Soul Album

Jinbo: Fantasy
Zion.T: Red Light
Mayson The Soul: Jackasoul
Soulciety: Diamonds
Lee Hi: First Love

Best R&B / Soul Song

Jinbo: Fantasy
Zion.T: 뻔한 멜로디(feat. Crush) (Obvious Fantasy)
Mayson The Soul: 홀리데이(feat. Beenzino) (Holiday)
Soulciety: 늘 (feat. Nam Ju Hee) (Always)
Lee Hi: It's Over

Best Jazz Album

Oki Kim: Cherubim's Wrath
Ji-Hoon Kim Trio: Preeminent
Youn Sun-Nah: Lento
Park Sung-Yeon: Park Sung-Yeon With Strings
Yun Seokcheol Trio: Love is a Song
Heo So-Young: That's All

Best Crossover Album

Coreyah: Whale of a Time
Hee Kyung-Na: Up Close to Me
Salon de O Soo-Kyung: Salon de Tango
Ensemble Sinawi: 시간속으로 (In Time Of)
Yiruma: Blind Film

Best Jazz & Crossover Performance

Kim Sung-Bae: Pepper Man
Oki Kim: Cherubim's Wrath
Ji-Hoon Kim Trio: Preeminent
Seo Yeong-Do Electronic Ensemble: New Beginning
JYD Trio: Attelage

That wraps up the nominees post! Stay tuned in the next couple days, I'll have some videos up for you to peruse and see if any of these artists pique your interest! Don't forget there's open voting for the Netizen award. I have the link - but search me if I can figure out how it works! HAHA. 

Vote Here! (If you can figure it out!)

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