Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Video: YB - Cigarette Girl

YB has released their video onto the world, and boy what a doozy!

The video features a lot more sex appeal, (and tons more smoking!) than any other YB video has before. They've tried to appeal to the Western audience, obviously. The video is pure rock, it's in your face with the visuals, and the new arrangement of Cigarette Girl is kick-ass.

Overall, the video did a great job of showing off the band, I'm glad they did the big group shots - it really helps their new audience get a feel for what YB's stage presence is like. And I'll admit - that bed scene with Do-Hyun had me blushing and giggling like a little school girl!  What did you think? Does the use of so much smoking references turn you away? Did they hit the mark for the Western market? Give me some thoughts!

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