Friday, November 19, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: Dr. Core 911 - Radamuba

Ok, I love Dr. Core 911. They're a fusion band. Some say nu-metal, some say rapcore. Whatevs. They're awesome.  The band formed in 1998 but didn't make their debut until 2000 with their first album 비정산조They've been featured on Life magazine's website before. I'll write even more about them in the future. I have a profile coming up on them. :) Enjoy!

Off their 1.5 EP Oh Rock Go Rock! Here is the kinda lulzy, but rock-tastic Rabamuba:

01-Rabamuba by K-RoKer


  1. This...this is the best cover in the entire world as of right now.

  2. @Elizabeth LOL. I'm glad you like it. It certainly makes me giggle when I listen to it! Dr. Core 911 have such a unique blend of music and sound. :)


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