Tuesday, November 30, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: A'ccel In A Story - Epilogue

One of my absolute favorites is A'ccel In A Story. The band formed in 2000, touring festivals in and around Hongdae for awhile, until they produced their demo CD. In 2006 they got a record deal and released Story of the A'ccel, an eight track EP. They released Episode of the A'ccel in 2007 and most recently we were treated to Antinomy earlier this year. Epilogue is one of the tracks off of this particular EP. I find their music to be a pleasant mix of hard rock, and soothing melody. I could listen to them all day, it's just too bad they haven't released enough music to do that yet.

Here is A'ccel In A Story with Epilogue

AiaS-E by K-RoKer

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