Tuesday, February 18, 2014

YB Official US Debut!

It's finally the day! February 18th, 2014. The day that YB debuted in the United States. I'm very happy for the band. This is something that they've been working towards for a long time, and it's a new milestone for Korean rock music. As far as I'm aware, it's the first time any Korean band has released a single here in the States and readied to enter the market as a mainstream artist.

Let's talk a bit about the song. Cigarette Girl is a  cover of a classic Korean rock song, about a tobacco store sales girl that the singer falls for. It was originally written and performed by Song Chang-Sik back in the 1980's and became a classic for many Koreans. YB first put their spin on the song back in 1999, on their album 한국Rock다시부르기 (Korean Rock Remade), and have been performing it during their live sets ever since.

This latest re-incarnation of the song has Do-Hyun singing in a mix of Korean and English, allowing new listeners to understand the song, but still keep the Korean feel of it. They updated the arrangement too, making a little bit harder and a little bit faster than before. I quite like it. I think it has a good chance to grab the attention of people in today's music market. Hopefully it will be a success for them.

And here's where you can HELP make it a success for them. Go pick up the digital single! It's available on just about every music platform here in the States.

Check it out on Spotify  - it's free, it'll give them a push, and, did I mention it's free? hehe

Buy it on all these platforms too:    Amazon
                                                    CD Baby
                                                    Google Play

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