Saturday, February 12, 2011

K-RoK Song of the Day: Kang San-Eh - Pollack

Some days I pick artists that I could go on and on about - but that breaks my brief profile rule I'll try to keep this one as short as possible:

Kang San-Eh (real name; Kang Young-Geol), born in 1963 , is a solo rock/pop/indie/blues artists that never ceases to amaze. He reinvents himself and comes out with new sounds on each album. To date he has released 8 studio albums. His debut album, A House was nicknamed ".0" because he felt it wasn't ready to be his "first album." He has continued to re-invent himself and is a delightfully creative musician. His second album, Vol.1 - My Puberty had a very traditional rock and jazz sense to it. I won't turn this into a review of his entire discography though.
But, in total they include:
Vol.0 (1993)
Vol.1 - My Puberty (1994)
Vol.2 - Ppittagi (1996)
The Essence - Hits Collection (1997)
Vol.4 - Salmon (1998)
Vol.5 - Remake 4/5 (1999)
Vol.6 - Best Live (2001)
Vol.7 - Gangyeongeol (2002)
Vol.8 - Towel (2008)

He even got through being arrested for marijuana charges in 2000. Which, in Korea is often times a death sentence for artists because they get so much negative press that fans jump ship. I really don't care about this kind of stuff, if I can stick by Edison Chen through his scandal, I don't think anything can faze me as a fan of anyone.

Kang San-Eh - Pollack
From his seventh album, this live version slows it down and infuses it blues undertones.

( I think he stole that hat from Do-Hyun xD)

I love the album version of this next song that I had to add for fun. It's called Shit in the Desert. This acoustic version, sung live, kicks in at about the :52 mark. The album version is all kinds of funky, creative and mixed with sounds of..well..the desert. (what did you think!?)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your information about a too much unknown artist.
    You could even have wrote more it would have been ok.
    I'm up for the discography review !


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