Saturday, December 4, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: EVE - Ghost School

If you're following along, you probably saw my mini-blurb of a post about EVE. They are, in fact, one of my ABSOLUTE favorite Korean rock bands. Between them and Wiretap In My Ear (Prana) they're the closest things to Visual Kei Korea has. They started out in 1998, so they've been around for awhile! Their self-titled first album came out that year, containing the single "Whenever You Feel". Kinda emo, but, that's kind of par for the course with glam-rock bands, isn't it? They re-released this song with a new version on their sEVEnth Evening album - with better vocals than before even. I like that they take the time to rework things and make them better.  It's a sign of a great musician when they are never quite finished with a song. Many of the greatest musicians I know of continually manipulate and re-create their songs. (Gackt, YB) EVE has released 8 full length albums in total. The 8th album, Play Me was made the year of their disbandment. They have since re-connected and have started putting out a couple of mini-albums. The first of these was EVE - Guy In Revolution. (There was a single that came out in 2009, with only 1 track too) And most recently, Gloria, which happily contained a re-visited version of their single "Don't Say Goodbye." On and on, I could go! But I won't, I'll just introduce them to you!

 Kim Se-Hyeon (김세헌) (born June 2, 1973) (or sometimes Kim Young) covers main vocals, guitar and composing. Really, he IS the band considering he's really the only part remaining of the original band.
They've shuffled through a few members over the years some of the most notorious being G. Gorilla, and Ha Sebin of Nemesis.
The other current members include Choi Kiho the guitarist, who is on twitter! :) (check out my twitter list to follow)
Kim Seung-Jue on Bass
Hwa Jeong-Yu on..."other" which I usually take to mean keyboard. :/

Ghost School is the song that really pulled me into fan-girl status. I love it! :)
It's off their 6th album Welcome to Planet Eve

I hope you enjoy! :) Thoughts? Leave a comment - I love hearing from people!

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