Wednesday, December 22, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: Nemesis - Gee

I'm doing something a little new today. I'm going to post a band doing a cover song, live. AND it's a pop song! Yep, Nemesis did cover a couple popular K-Pop (was that redundant?) during one of their live shows and we were lucky enough to have someone record it and upload it to YouTube. I, for one, enjoy this version even more. Obviously, I'm a rock fan, but I do enjoy K-Pop too. Gee was just too much for me, they overplayed and over promoted the hell out of that song and only now can I appreciate it again.

Nemesis - Gee

Nemesis has been around for about 10 years now, rocking a post-modern-gothic-visual-glam-rock style. The albums vary from really orchestral and haunting songs to fun up-beat pop-rock tracks. I enjoy their diversity and willingness to just have fun with their music. The band has had a few line-up changes but consists of:
Noh Seung-Ho: Vocals
Ha Se-Bin: Piano/Guitar
Cheon Kwi-Sung: Guitar
Choi Seung-woo: Bass
Jung Euy-Seok: Drums

Check out their albums La Rose de Versailles and Lovesick - remember to support the artists! :)

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