Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rock Rock Rock

The new mini-series on KBS titled Rock Rock Rock is about to air, and I'm pretty dang excited. Not only does it tell the life story of Kim Tae-Won, the guitarist of legendary Korean rock band Boo-Hwal, it stars Devin Lee of Dr. Core 911 too!
This guy:

Well, maybe "stars" is a little strong, but he's going to be in it, and I'm excited to get to see him act. He was just recently in Rock of Ages in the Korean production (yes, Shawols, alongside Onew) and I was curious to know how he did in that. Noh Min-Woo (former Trax member, now a member of 24/7) stars as Tae-Won. there is a great cast for this drama. I'm hoping that Noh Min-Woo is a big enough draw to get someone to sub this. Let's go, rock! I think rock is getting more and more popular in Korea - or am I wrong?

Video Teaser (courtesy of HanCinema)

Picture Spam!:
OMG - that hair!! 


  1. I really hope somebody subs this!

  2. Me too! I think they will because of Noh Min-Woo.


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