Thursday, December 9, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: YB

Tonight is gonna be a double whammy. I actually couldn't decide between these two. I had a rough night tonight and these two songs helped me through. The first song; Dream Girl two (꿈꾸는 소녀 two) is off of their last full-length album Co-Existence.  Something about this song just puts me at ease.

YB - 꿈꾸는 소녀 two by K-RoKer

The next song. Flying Butterfly is composed by Tae-Hee, the bassist and is one of my favorite YB songs of all time. It's been released in an English version, but that version is mixed by RRM, and as much as I love them and that version, I want to share the original form of it. The lyrics inspire me every time I hear it.

In a video!

I hope this cheered anyone up who was having a rough time. I know a little YB always helps me out!

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