Tuesday, December 14, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: Romantic Punch - Midnight Cinderella

Romantic Punch made their debut last year with their self-titled EP "Romantic Punch." They just released their full-length debut album back in June with "Midnight Cinderella" I picked the title track, it's my favorite off the album. They mix things up really well, from a more jazzy sound on 좋은날이 올거야 (Acoustic Version) that utilizes their advantage of having a male and female vocalist, to the edgier sounds of Right Now, I'm really impressed with the newbie band and their great sense of musical style. If I had more information on them, I would share it, but some of these bands just aren't followed much by English fans and there is little information available on them. I'm working on picking up the Korean alphabet, so someday I'll be able to read things and translate them for myself.

Here is Romantic Punch with Midnight Cinderella

RP - MC by K-RoKer

And a lovely live video of it too:

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