Saturday, December 25, 2010

K-RoK Song of the Day: Buzz - Jingle Bell Rock

One last Christmas song before the holiday is over. I had to throw this song in there because I love Buzz and I think they produced the only version of Jingle Bell Rock that actually has a ROCK sound. Buzz formed back in 2003 and were generally thought to have broken up, but then POOF this year they released a new album. I think people that live here believe if a band is inactive for a few years that automatically means they are no longer together and are finished. But they forget to take into consideration that they're mostly guys and that means they have to serve their 2 year military service. SO, things get put on hold for awhile for many bands (and idol groups.) But, Buzz came back as good as ever. ;) This song itself was released in 2004, not long after their debut. I love it. But, then again, I love Christmas music, and Korean rock, so put them together and I'm a happy girl. Merry Merry Christmas!

Love, Kamala-Chan ;)

B-JBR by K-RoKer

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