Thursday, January 27, 2011

Korean Music Awards Best "Pop" Song Nominees

To be honest I don't think "pop" describes these artists best, but it is what the category translates to so I guess that's what I'll stick with. Sorry I didn't get the rest of the categories up last night - I started with the idea late and had to head to bed. Here goes:

CLICK for videos

10CM - Tonight, I'm Afraid of the Dark

I love 10CM. They have a great clear and acoustic sound to them. I always wish them the best!

No Reply - I Hope

Verandah Project - Bike Riding

Dalmoon - 하드코어 인생아 (Live Version)

Earip - Our Streets Have No Name (Live Version)


  1. I'll go with Verandah Project in this one, xD

  2. I can't abandon the boys of 10CM. I love them! :)

  3. I adored 10cm's song! altho the ballerina kinda freaked me out with how skinny she was, it was still a great mv. they are so talented i'm excited for this~!
    i really loved no reply's song, too, but i absolutely loved the collab by dong ryul and sang soon! reminded me a LOT of naomi & goro~


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