Monday, August 27, 2012

News Roundup: Week of August 26th - September 1st

I'm going to try and start rounding up indie and rock news as I find it! Here is what I've gathered lately.

Last week on August 21st, the Korean pop-punk band Guyz released another new Japanese single Arashi (Storm)

Guyz have been finding more commercial success over in Japan than in their native Korea, and that doesn't surprise me with their style of music. I don't care either way, since I love the band and their sound, I'll follow them to either country for their music. You can pick up the same-titled mini album on YesAsia now.

My favorite punk band, Yellow Monsters are touring Japan starting this Friday through September 10th. They're promoting their latest mini-album We Eat Your Dog (which, by the way, is awesome.)

By a happy coincidence, their friends and former tour-mates, Crying Nut are also hitting Japan for a tour starting this Wednesday.

If you happen to be in Japan and want to check them out; there are more details Here.

One of my favorite indie singers, leeSA is back with a new video.

This time she's covering Maroon 5's Move's Like Jagger. The video also features frequent visitor (and mind behind the magic) Hcube with a special guest Sgt. Park. Enjoy!

Following the release of their first full-length album earlier this month, Eastern Sidekick has given us a taste of their experimental side and covered Big Bang's Monster:

(and don't worry VIP's, they had permission)

Kingston Rudieska has released a new video under the promotion of the Hyundai Card as well.

Gotta love some good 'ol Korean ska!

Speaking of Kingston Rudieska, there is a new rock compilation that was release on August 24th, called Found_Tracks: Compilation 24/August.

The compilation features Hyoo, Princess Disease, MITM, Mellow Park, Davink, Kingston Rudieska and Beenzino.

The Olleh Indie Music Award nominees for September are out, and go as follows:

Album Nominees: 
Verbal Jint
Lucite Tokki
Neon Bunny

Artist Nominees: 
Gate Flowers

Rookie Award Nominees: 
Dream Car
Look & Listen
Hong Hye-Rim

Check out the official site and vote for your favorites to win!

DeliSpice also released a new EP titled (聯 `연`) Jewel Case. No official music video that I've found yet, but a bunch of new live show videos are up on youtube:

And to wrap it up, there is a little video from heaven the Pentaport Rock Fest giving a re-cap of this years' event. What I wouldn't give to attend one year! 

There's much more I'm sure, but this is what I've noticed in my wanderings of the last week or so. I hope you enjoy! :D

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