Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hi there! Long time no see!

Life has gotten away with me for awhile, and I've been neglecting my poor blog. But I have BIG NEWS. This girl, right here? She has officially been approved for press credentials for SXSW 2014~! And why-oh-why did I apply? BECAUSE YB IS COMING. I flipped a few lids over that news when they announced it. Since then I've been budgeting, plotting and prepping and I'm still working out details, but I'm gonna make it to see them no matter what!

I've got a full list of bands from the lovely land of Korea here:

Big Phony (FB)
Crying Nut (FB)
Galaxy Express (FB)
Glen Check (FB)
Hollow Jan (FB)
Idiotape (FB)
Kiha and the Faces (FB)
Jambinai (FB)
Love X Stereo (FB)
No Brain (FB)
Rock N Roll Radio (FB)

Can I just say, what a great list this is? I got to see Galaxy Express last March when they made their way through Iowa (drove down with a buddy.) They were amazing to see. But so many of my favorite bands are here on this list, that I'm just beyond excited to make 2014 my first year at SXSW!!! Look forward to some posts with videos, bio info and eventually links to interviews and reviews!

SXSW 2014 - here I come!


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