Monday, May 28, 2012

Soundholic Treasure!

I was browsing through YesAsia tonight, and saw out of the corner of my eye a mention of "Indie." I always notice when rock or indie is mentioned so I decided to click on the link. Come to find out, Soundholic has a feature right now. If you buy an album from any of their artists you get a free Soundholic 2011 line-up sampler!
Even cooler? The fact that they actually have SIGNED copies of some of the albums. I'm grabbing a copy of the AshGray album for myself before they disappear.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Soundholic label and who it entails, here's a list:

Glenn Check
Goodmorning Heaven

No one ringing a bell? Here's some videos:

First up, AshGray. One of my top 10 favorites, this trio is amazingly talented. I listen to them A LOT.

Next. Jaurim. A Korean "indie" classic. They've been on the scene for over 15 years now.

Super Kidd is up next. These guys are harder to define, but they sure are a lot of fun. 

Love my Glen Check. You remember when I first found them right? 

Monni is a mixed soft rock group that formed in 2004 and they just released a new EP back in March. 

The GoGoBoys are yet another Soundholic gem. These rock boys even did a polka cover! lol.

Nabi:Mat is a little slower paced, but altogether quite enjoyable.

Goodmorning Heaven made their debut this year, but have some familiar faces (like Lee Sang-Mi, vocalist of Ex; Jeong Yu-Jong of Daybreak and Park Sun-Chul who is part of Oh Ji-Eun and the Wolves.) Not sure if they're just leaving this as a special project group, or are planning to make more music together, but this song could use some friends.  (also included in the band are Jo Jun-Young and Lee Myung-Jun)

And, last included in this deal is Ex. Now, since they haven't done anything since 2007, I'm not sure they're even together anymore. But I've been proven wrong before. Have I mentioned my penchant for Korean glam-rock? I don't know, but this video sure fills that category up a little more.

Now, scurry along and grab some music!  

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