Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wonder-Girl Wednesdays: Island City

I finally picked someone that didn't start with an "S" that was an odd trend I noticed! And actually, next weeks band is an "S" too, but I had to break the chain!

Island City is a 3/4 all female rock band that formed in 2004. Their style is what I would probably be likely to say indie-rock. K-Pop fans might recognize them from their God of Study OST stint singing: Starry Night.
Island City started as a club band at Hongik University and made their way through the clubs in Hongdae before making their first EP.
Sang Jee-Hee is on vocals:

Aleum (Beautiful) plays the bass:

Yeon-Soo is on guitar: I wonder if he feels like the odd-man out? He also had some solo work out in 2009 on the album Dream of Ocarina (Is he Link?)

And following up with Sang-Min on drums:

Love Story (2006)
Chili Sauce (2008) 
And their full length debut album:
Island City (2010) (Mnet Media)

Here is their song: 난 유쾌한 당신의 공주를 꿈꾼다  (I'm Entertaining the Princess of Your Dreams)

I also really like this acoustic version of theirs:

Official Site: Here

Buy the albums here on YesAsia

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