Monday, March 28, 2011

K-RoK Song of the Day: Dick Punks - Cheerleaders

Four member "punk" band Dick Punks debuted last year with their first album simply titled 1st EP.

 It's an 11 track album, a delight to someone who's used to mini-albums, EP's and digital releases coming out of Korea. Don't let the name fool you though, these guys are actually quite silly and entertaining. Their music has a softer edge to it, with a lot of focus going on the keyboard/piano. Their live performances look like a blast. I hope when I make my way over to Korea they have a show so I can see them in person.

Band Members Include:
Kim Tae-Hyun - Vocals/Guitar
Kim Hyeon-Woo - Piano
Baek Ga-Ram - Drums
Kim Jae-Hyung - Bass

I really love a couple of videos of them performing live. This one of them parodying various music styles and a couple of songs you might recognize:

And I go from impressed at the start of this video to falling into a fit of giggles at the end:

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