Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K-RoK Song of the Day: Novasonic - Miss Terry

Novasonic is one of the veteran bands of Korea. They started back in 1999 and have made it to 2011 with only two line-up changes. One was back in 2003 when the vocals switched to Lee Hyun-Sup from Kim Jin-Pyo that sang all the leads on the first three albums. The other member that left was Kim Se-Hwang who participated in all of the albums, but seems to have recently left the band.

The current line-up is:
Lee Hyeon-Seob - Vocals
Lee Su-Yeong - Drums
Kim Yeong-Seob - Bass
Jeong Gu-Hyeon - Guitar

I used to really love Novasonic for their hard-core rock style. But lately they've been wandering over to the rock ballad genre more than I care for. It's nice for a band to mix up their style, but for them to just completely change is kind of disheartening.

Here is Novasonic with Miss Terry a fun, up-beat rock song, closer to their old style than most of the album.

Buy their albums on Soribada and YesAsia. :)

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