Saturday, March 12, 2011

Song of the Day: Special Edition: Wavin' Flag - K'Naan feat. A.I

I haven't written the last couple of days because I've been overwhelmed with the events of Japan. My love for all things Asian is because of Japan and I feel like a little piece of my heart breaks every time I read another bad news story coming from Japan. All day Friday I pumped Japanese tunes, I've been staying on top of the situation and I plan to donate what I can to the relief efforts. I hope we as an international community all do our part to help this great country in it's time of need. So, for today, I give the first song that comes to mind when I think of a "fight song" for Japan. The official World Cup song by K'Naan from last summer- but the Japanese version featuring amazing Japanese hip-hop singer A.I.

K'naan (feat. A.I.) - Wavin' Flag

Ganbare Nippon! Aishteru~!


  1. A.I is amazing.

    My fighting song would be A.I's Story - which reminds me of a post I was going to write - it gets me with "hitori janai/watashi ga kimi wo mamoru kara".

    If you want to help, Japan Society is raising funds, info here.

  2. Whut? I'm pretty sure I left a comment yesterday, WTH.

    Anyway, I hope Japan rises as its done before in other tragic times. I love A.I and I think my fighting song from her would be Story. That "hitori janai kara/watashi wa kimi wo mamoru kara" always gets me.


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