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SXSW Day 2 - March 12, 2014

Wednesday was a little more chill. I got my bearings downtown a little better. So I headed downtown again to mingle at the MU:CON party hosted by KOCCA and Mandoo Entertainment. This was a networking party between the Korean acts and the press. It wasn't open to the general public, so it was a smaller event and it was a good opportunity to meet some of the acts and get to know them better. Rock 'N Roll Radio were performing when I got there, but had already left the stage when I'd had time to settle in and try to take some pictures.

 No Brain hopped on the stage to perform a few songs and got the crowd energized. It was great to see the other bands enjoying their performance. The party was a great opportunity to see the unity of the bands. They're all there to support one another, and to help Korean music reach new levels of recognition.

The surprise of the day was that YB performed as well. The invitation only listed Rock 'N Roll Radio and No Brain to perform. So it was a delight to see YB in this small venue.

The only other show I caught Wednesday was YB's official showcase. I wasn't sure about the venue at first - YB playing at a Texas styled billiard bar? It was a little odd. The opening acts were entertaining, but it was clear that the audience was there waiting for YB.

YB did their entire set in English.  It was familiar songs, set to a new language - a little hard to sing along with, but good practice for them when they debut their English language album here later this year.

The stage lights were pretty miserable, I'll admit. Not just from a photographers point of view, but also from an audience members stand point. They shone right into our eyes for most of the show - rather distracting from the band, I think. But YB was on their game, and nothing could distract from their music at least.

At the end of the show, someone tossed a (new) pair of panties and a bra on stage. I think at first Do-Hyun was a bit startled, then he and the guys had a good laugh about it. I was disappointed that they didn't stick around after to meet the crowd, and also that they didn't have any merch available. Most of the bands coming have CD's or other items to help promote the band. I think that they missed out on an opportunity there because a good portion of people in the US like to buy band merchandise at events. Especially if it is related to the show they're seeing (like the limited edition posters I have hanging on my own wall.)

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