Saturday, June 25, 2011

Asian UnderDog Radio Week 4 - Rock/Indie Show :)

Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience. I had a lot of stuff going on this week and every time I settled in to record I got sidetracked by something or someone. This week is a fun mix of rock and indie groups that was refreshing for me to put together. I hope you enjoy it. :) As always, comments are love!

Dowload the show HERE.


Dr. Core 911 - Rock to the Rhythm
TeTe - Romantico
Yanawaraba - Island Song
YB - Korean National Anthem - Rock Version
Cui Jian - Nothing To My Name
Mate - Fly To The Sky
SuperFly - Bad Girl
OverDose - Rippling
Deathgaze - God Bless You
One OK Rock - Jibun Rock
J Rabbit - Thank You For the Music

1 comment:

  1. So nice to hear about how you got into Korean rock! Feel like we should really meet some time!

    As for this kind of music, very few people even in Korea have even heard of it. And on the very rare occasion (I'd say ~1 in 20 outside of Hongdae) you do meet somebody that has any awareness of Korean music outside of kpop and trot, likeliness is high that your new found friend still won't have any clue what you're talking about. YB is about as huge as they come though, so you should have some luck finding fellow fans there ^^


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