Sunday, June 5, 2011

Asian UnderDog Radio - Week 2

Hey everyone! I'm back for week 2. This week is another mixed genre week, but next week is going to be the first Urban Soul themed week, so get ready to get your swag on!

I do love using SoundCloud for the uploads, but just one week was enough to use up my minutes on the free account. So until I'm able to afford an upgrade I'm going to be using 4shared to get the podcast out there. Be sure to leave comments on what you like, don't like and any tips you have are always greatly appreciated. I tried really hard to not sound as nervous as last week - hopefully that's noticeable!

You can also download the podcast here: Asian UnderDog Radio Ep. 2
Enjoy! :)

Track listing:

Administrator - Shining
Illinit feat. Hwayobi - Lost
Rhymester - H.E.E.L
FLiP - Raira
Broken Valentine - M.K. Dance
Ali - Crazy Night
Mihiro - Your Color Weather
IAMMEDIC - Unexplained
Lee Jung Hyun - Dola Dola 
Handsome People - Train in the World
Jaurim feat. Drunken Tiger - Loving Memory 
Devi Sri Prasad for the Aarya 2 soundtrack - Mr. Perfect (DSP Mix)

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  1. Had totally missed that Jaruim/Drunken Tiger collab before - nice one! Also realized that I haven't listened to anything new from Jaurim since the 5th album...

    Loved the closing track!


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