Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Asian UnderDog Radio - Week 3 ~Urban Soul~

Hello folks! Sorry it's a few days late, but here is this weeks Urban Soul show! I tried to do my best to get a blend of artists from all the countries this week. When I first made the playlist it was very Korean heavy. I have to admit, that ultimately, I do have a bias for Korean music. But I really love music from all over the place, so I want to be able to share it all. I hope you enjoy this show. It's a great blend of R&B, Hip-Hop and underground Rap. :)

As always, feel free to comment and give suggestions. Next week I'm planning a rock/indie show so if you have request let me know. (Even though I'll have no trouble filling the time on my own, since it's my favorite genre.)

Oops! Left out the direct download link. It's available right HERE.

This weeks tracklisting:
Edison Chen - Fists
Emi Maria - A.S.A.P - Ima Sugi ni Kakesukete
MC Hotdog - Mr. Almost
Hard Kaur - Smile
Uptown (UPT) - Baby Baby
Yankie - Stabilizer
Ken the 390 (feat. Coma-Chi) - The Door
Paloalto (feat. Tiger JK)  - Stay Strong
Lita (feat. Bigtone) - Cry Melody
Zeebra (feat. Ryo the Skywalker, Mummy-D, Double) - Butterfly City
Swagger (feat. Each One) - Crunk Star
Ken the 390 - Undecided


  1. Not really my kind of music, but nonetheless an enjoyable set of songs. Didn't know Uptown was still around in any form. Looking forward to the rock/indie show!

  2. @Helikoppter - I'm glad you listened even if you're not a big fan of the r&b/hip-hop scene~! Yeah, Uptown keeps fighting along, lol. xD Gearing up for the rock/indie show now. Should be out quick!


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